The legacy

The 30”x40” oil painting by renowned artist Romulo Galicano. The maestro took particular features of Robert Coyiuto’s sons to create the insurance trailblazer’s image.

“The greatest tribute you can give this man that you all love is to live with difference, a life that makes beautiful music for Robert and for your Creator.”

– Fr. Eli Manlangit, Jr., OFM


Robert Coyiuto, the young businessman in his 20’s and 30’s. The shy young man who has known in his family as the “learned one” had already come into his own as a confident and hardworking partner in the Co brothers’ family business.

“Waste your effort in vain hope. It will never fulfilled and succeed.”

– Robert Coyiuto


The first Board of Directors meeting of Prudential Guarantee and Assurance, Inc. (PGAI) in 1981, under the committed leadership and unflagging vision of Chairman Robert Coyiuto (center). PGAI then rose as one of the leading insurance companies only a few years after it was established. From left, are Board of Directors members Ethelwoldo Fernandez, Phillip K. Rico, Jovencio Cinco, Hon. B.S dela Fuente, Robert Coyiuto, Antonio Ozaeta, Ignacio Gimenez, Robert Coyiuto, Jr., and Peter Coyiuto.

“Human life is limited, industry is boundless.”

– Robert Coyiuto

Drinking with friends on a spring evening at Peach Garden.

“The earth is but an inn for each to pass the night. We are all travelers through time, dreaming. How much gladness shall we see? The ancients frolicked through night streets with their wicker lamps, as spring is for poetry. In this peach garden, friends celebrate with song. I am not worthy of their brilliance. They view the mystic scene and share lofty thoughts. Under the moonlight, wine cups chase flowers. Only poetry can speak this night. Sing or drink three cups to our health!”

– Li Bai

An avid traveler, Robert Coyiuto always brought his Leica camera, and among the places visited were London, Paris, New York City, Mexico, and Cairo.


Photographs of Robert Coyiuto. He was a man of the world, an enterprise builder, and a champion of commerce and industry.

“As long as his father lives,
a son should study his wishes; after he is dead, he should study his life. If for three years he does not forsake his father’s ways, he may be called dutiful.”

– Robert Coyiuto