Feel free to roam the world! When travelling, find peace of mind with coverage for you and your family. Prudential Guarantee’s Travel Insurance products provide you with superior travel insurance protection and services, effective anytime and anywhere in the world. You may choose from our range of affordable products what best suits you and your needs.

You may choose from the following plan options:

  1. Travel Safe

Personal accident insurance that covers you for accidental death, injury, disablement and medical reimbursement when flying in any licensed aircraft.

  1. Travel Shield

This protection covers  you and your family from medical, accidental and travel inconvenience expenses for your trips within the Philippines or abroad. You may choose from our Domestic, Standard and Comprehensive Plans.

For frequent travellers, we have Annual Plan options so you can be all set for a year.

To apply or learn more, please call us through (02) 8864 9777 / 09178022062 / 09992211729 or email  pgatravel@prudentialguarantee.com

Travel Insurance Benefits

  • Medical Necessary Expenses pays for expenses incurred overseas due to sickness or accidents during your you suffered during your trip.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation arranges for your transport back to the Philippines or to other location for medical treatment if you become sick or injured while travelling or arranges and pays for the expenses to return the mortal remains to the Philippines in the event of death.
  • Personal Accident provides a lump sum benefit for death or disablement due to an accident suffered during the trip.
  • Trip Cancellation pays for losses for non-refundable fare and accommodation expenses in case of cancellation of trip due to insured reasons.
  • Trip Termination pays for losses for non-refundable fare and accommodation expenses in case you need to cut short your trip due to insured reasons.
  • Flight Delay pays for expenses if flight is delayed for more than twelve (12) hours due to severe weather, equipment failure or airport/airline strike.
  • Loss or Damage of Baggage and Personal Effects pays for the direct loss or damage of the insured’s baggage and personal effects during the trip.
  • Baggage Delay pays for purchase of necessary clothes or toiletries if your checked-in baggage gets delayed.

Full terms, conditions and exclusions are provided in the Policy Wordings here.


Travel Insurance FAQ

  1. When does the coverage begin and end?

Coverage starts five(5) hours before your trip and ends upon arrival at the airport of final destination or date in the travel insurance policy, whichever comes first.

  1. Who are eligible to get Travel Insurance?

We have various programs that can cover travellers  with age from 2 weeks old up to 75 years old.

  1. If I get sick during my trip, does the policy cover my medical expenses?

Yes, you are covered for medical and hospitalization expenses if you get sick while travelling.

  1. What if my luggage was delayed or lost by the airline?

PGA will reimburse you necessary expenses if the delay is more than six (6) hours.

  1. If my flight gets delayed, am I covered under Travel Shield insurance?

Yes, you can reimburse your expenses if the flight is delayed for more than twelve (12) hours.

  1. I lost my baggage while traveling, is it covered?

Yes, we will reimburse you for the lost or stolen baggage up to Php50,000.00 subject to Php7,000.00 per item.

  1. What is the age limit to be able to purchase travel insurance?

We cover travelers up to 75 years old.


To apply or learn more, please call us at (02) 864 9777 / 09178022062 / 09992211729 or email pgatravel@prudentialguarantee.com.