President’s Message

A look back at the year that was


This week marks a year since a community quarantine was imposed in the country. In Metro Manila, where PGAI’s head office is located, most of us were confined within our homes for two months.


Despite the restrictions, PGAI turned in a respectable performance in 2020 as we coped with the disruption through efficient IT systems, and seamless inter-department and inter-office coordination. By doing so, PGAI remained a partner you could count on. We may not have been in our offices physically, but we continued working diligently from our safe spaces to ensure delivery of the excellent service you deserve.


Now that we are back in our offices, we have carried on, as much as we could, with serving clients and partners through electronic methods. This actually started before the pandemic when we began converting our forms into e-policies. We have also strengthened our online communications by regularly updating our website and social media pages. As we maintain this move toward digitalization, we count on your continued support.


Since late last year, we have also added more online payment channels into our system—like the BDO site. You can expect more online settlement methods to be added not just to lessen physical transactions, but also to make payments more convenient.


As COVID-19 vaccines become available, let us continue practicing health and safety protocols so we could help end the pandemic. We may not be able to revert to our usual lives any time soon, but rest assured that PGAI will always be your trusted insurer, as well as your ally in social and economic progress.


Thank you for choosing us to be your partner in your non-life insurance needs.

President and CEO
Prudential Guarantee and Assurance, Inc.



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